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Voter Registration Deadline [23 Sep 2008|07:49pm]

If you've moved in the past few years, you might not be registered to vote.

If you've legally changed your name (i.e. you got married, or decided "Batwing Candlewax" sounds cooler than "John Smith") you might not be registered to vote.

If you haven't actually voted in the past few elections, you may have been "purged" from the voter rolls as "inactive" and, you guessed it, you might not be registered to vote.

If you're in the State of Washington, the deadline to register to vote is coming up very soon on October 4th - less than two weeks away! You're registration must have an October 4th or prior postmark if you mail it in!

If you're NOT in the State of Washington, go to www.VoteForChange.com which will walk you through how and where to register for any state in the USA.

WASHINGTON STATE RESIDENTS: Visit the WA Secretary of State website to make sure your voter registration information is up to date, current, and showing as "active" at http://www.secstate.wa.gov/elections/register.aspx
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Buy Nothing Day November 25th [11 Nov 2005|02:39pm]

It's coming up in 2 weeks. If anyone is down, maybe do some jamming outside the mall?

We can make signs like these ones. - taken from the Adbusters BND page.

I know alot of people are still going to shop. But at least try and teach people to spend wisely and more less this year.

There will be a potluck as well, so bring food if you'd like. It's the day after Thanksgiving, so i'm sure there be leftovers. haha.

Latez! - Julie
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Thankyou for joining the community or adding us to your friends list! [02 Jul 2005|02:55pm]

Anyone up for some Whirling?

I was thinking about doing this at Walmart in Bremerton. We'd prolly need like 16 people then divide it into 4 groups. The more the better. I was thinking a Sunday since alot of families including mine go food shopping after church.

"It involves a group making plans to visit some local multinational corporate storefronts and spend 3/4 to one hour in the store contemplating. We have found a good method is to enter the store in one or two person groups wearing some subtle messages about anti-consumersim. Spread yourself out in the store, looking at products, asking yourself, fellow shoppers, and or your partner questions. At a set time, usually every 10-15 minutes, all participants begin moving around the store. There will organically form a line of people with empty carts/baskets. As soon as the first whirl attracts attention (loudspeaker and/or manager), the group disperses, returning to new places to practice contemplation. The cycle starts again after 8-10 minutes of practicing contemplation. Two to four whirls are average, dependant on the managers ability to keep his cool. " - whirlersunite.com

I found this really cool sweatshop warning card files online that we could place in pockets of clothings. Or in the shoe boxes. This would be rad to do, especially before Buy Nothing Day Day after Thanksgiving. Opening up their xmas present to this card, that would get people aware.

latez! - Julie
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